Student Spotlight – Chris

CLASS Scholars attend high schools all across Nashville and bring to the Seminars a variety of interests and experiences. In the Student Spotlight feature, we’ll be letting you know a little more about who the CLASS Scholars are and what they do besides attend Seminars!
 Chris H
 Chris – Hillsboro High School – Class of 2017

by Jenifer Abercrombie

In his moments away from the classroom, Chris enjoys fixing various mechanical problems around his home. This desire to problem solve is based in an interest in engineering for Chris, but his desire to tinker is also coupled with an interest in the human mind. During school hours Chris enjoys history, science, and literature.

Chris finds the Seminars “pretty intriguing,” and says they “change how you approach learning.” He really enjoyed the first CLASS event Dr. Marcia McDonald’s seminar about Shakespeare. He says that the experience of seeing the play and then acting it out has “changed how he views and appreciates literature.”


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