Student Spotlight – Adio

CLASS Scholars attend high schools all across Nashville and bring to the Seminars a variety of interests and experiences. In the Student Spotlight feature, we’ll be letting you know a little more about who the CLASS Scholars are and what they do besides attend Seminars!

Adio – Hunters Lane High School – Class of 2017

by Jenifer Abercrombie

Inside the classroom, Adio is drawn to mathematics, science, business, computers, and just learning at large. His free time pursuits are just as varied with his moments away from class spent  reading, running, and exploring technology. Adio says that thus far the seminars have been “nothing but captivating.” He says they make new topics “fun and easy” and have even gotten him hooked on Shakespeare. As far as a favorite, Adio says its a difficult call between Dr. Mary Vaughn’s “The Dating Game” and Dr. Ken Spring’s “The Paradox of Punk” which both gave him “a lot of revelations on how people think.”


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