Student Spotlight – Zontre

CLASS Scholars attend high schools all across Nashville and bring to the Seminars a variety of interests and experiences. In the Student Spotlight feature, we’ll be letting you know a little more about who the CLASS Scholars are and what they do besides attend Seminars!

Zontre – East Nashville Magnet High School – Class of 2017

by Jenifer Abercrombie

Zontre is a self-proclaimed “theatre geek” who participates in everything from musicals to improv and film. He is also class president and a National Honors Society Member who does volunteer work and participates in various youth organizations. Academically, Zontre’s favorite subject is English which he says improves his acting craft and opens his mind to new ways of thinking.

He likes the CLASS seminars so far because they have all been something relatable to teenagers and expanded on topics that are not covered during regular school hours. He thought that Dr. McDonald’s Shakespeare seminar was “pretty fun” because it forced him to try a new kind of acting, but he says that all three seminars have been “great.”


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