Student Spotlight – Stephanie

CLASS Scholars attend high schools all across Nashville and bring to the Seminars a variety of interests and experiences. In the Student Spotlight feature, we’ll be letting you know a little more about who the CLASS Scholars are and what they do besides attend Seminars!rsz_img_3604

Stephanie – Hunters Lane High School – Class of 2018

Stephanie likes to spend her time away from school hanging out with friends and family, and she also especially loves playing volleyball. Her favorite subject in school is chemistry because she finds it the most captivating and because she has a wonderful teacher for the class. Stephanie enjoys the seminars because they let her “view things in a different way.” Her favorite seminar has been “Professions, Language and Love” because she learned about things that were both interesting and fun such as flamenco and the Salvador Dali/Walt Disney film. Stephanie says coming to the CLASS Seminars has also helped her view Belmont as one of her “colleges of preference” for the future.



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